Symbols continue to be more important to liberals than actual results.  This explains their sudden outburst of outrage when it comes to monuments and statues.  If their collective distain for such things was genuine, why now, why not last year, or the year before, or the year before that?  These icons to our countries heritage can’t talk, hear or fight back, so they make perfect targets for the liberal cowards who assail them.

Denying history doesn’t erase it.  The Democrats were pro-slavery.  Destroying the symbols of our legacy changes nothing except exposing those responsible for the lawless and destructive criminal thugs that they are, attempting to wash away the stains of their own historic sins buy assaulting Trump in effigy.

Slavery predates the formation of the United States by more than 3,000 years and was practiced in the first civilizations in Mesopotamia, continuing in almost every other civilization in the world.  The Byzantine-Ottoman wars resulted in enslaving large numbers of Christians in the 1400’s and as late as the beginning of the nineteenth century, an estimated three-quarters of all people were trapped in bondage against their will in some form of slavery or serfdom.  The United States of America was the first civilization that not only recognized the evils of slavery, but was willing to fight a civil war to end it.  More than 600,000 Americans sacrificed their lives in order to do just that.

Judging two-hundred year old societal norms from the lofty heights of todays supposed enlightenment movement’s morally superior frame of reference is unethical and unfair.  The human condition has evolved and become enlightened in the quickest and many would argue best ways, in a culture created and nurtured in and by the United States of America.

Along with slavery, we also burned witches at the stake, publicly tortured and even executed criminals in the public square, mistreated and killed American Indians and unjustly interred thousands of Japanese-Americans during WWII.  At the time, these were thought of as good, sound practices, not worthy of debate.  The examination of those actions is clearer, brighter and more discerning from the self-righteous perch of self-proclaimed aggrandizement courtesy of the smug wisdom of the liberal elite here and now.  Tomorrow’s analysis of today’s abortion position in America will rival our enlightened distain for yesterday’s slavery as sins of the worst order, unimaginable in that present time.

The bigger and more important point is that the United States of America was willing to put at risk the very survival of our new nation in order to end the evils of slavery and we did so at significant risk, sacrifice and cost.  Ironically, the hoodlums currently threatening our monuments, our history, our statues and our fellow citizenry are as dangerous and poisonous to today’s nation as their fellow travelers in the Democrat party were to us in 1861 when the first civil war began.  Continuing and expanding their behavior might just see them face the same fate as their forefathers.



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