Here’s a lesson in three popular liberal dog-whistle phrases so when you hear them, you’ll know you’re listening to either an idiot, a compete shill for the politically correct, or in all likelihood, a possessor of both.


Liberal dog-whistle phrase #1


“Gun Violence”

When libs use this, it is indicative of their close study of the assigned talking points because in the real world of actual spontaneous conversation, “gun violence” isn’t used.

By linking “violence” with the word “gun”, this is an effort to equate the negativity and nastiness of all that is this violent with the tool called a firearm.

Violence is violence.  Things aren’t violent, people are violent.  To the person beset upon with actions of violence, it hardly matters the instruments used in the administration of that violence.  Guns are inanimate tools, incapable of action without human intervention.  Will does not exist in objects.  Will or intent, only exists in the hearts and minds of men.  How they carry out that will or intent does in no way inflict vilification on the objects they choose to use.  Just as a hammer is great for nails, it is not so great for skulls.  And just like no one equates evil and violence with a hammer, it is no less rational to expect a difference when describing a firearm.  Box-cutters, butter knives and beehives have all been involved in killing.  None of these have intent or evil built into them; it was the violent intent of a person that used these things.

When the Lakeland Florida kids went back to school yesterday, surrounded by 50-armed police officers, no one was equating those armed officers as purveyors of gun violence.  But think about it, if guns were in and of themselves evil and violent, that must be the case regardless of who possesses that gun, right?  It just does not make sense.


“Gun Safety”

All firearms are equipped with a safety.  Most firearms have several safeties.  Modern firearms are safe against accidental discharge.  When the libs use the phrase “gun-safety”, they don’t mean anything useful; it is simply a rouse to again equate a lack of safety with firearms.  By repeating the words gun and safety repeatedly, eventually the libs hope to convince the idiots of the world that guns are just plain not safe and again, the concept of being safe is reserved to the actions of people not objects.

And finally, the mother of all Dog-Whistle phrases:



“Common-Sense Gun Laws”

Another classic lib tactic, use a phrase like “common-sense”, tie it to gun laws, and then challenge anyone to be against what is only common-sense.  The problem is that this requires one to believe that the tens of thousands of gun laws on the books are somehow devoid of common sense.

The reason this particular dog-whistle gets so much traction, is that the propaganda that has been spread for years, courtesy of a complicit media, has lied about the topic for so long and in so many ways, that the low-information citizen that has chosen to receive his news from these sources, has been brainwashed into believing that the country is completely lacking in firearms regulations when nothing could be further from the truth, but then again, if you keep your head up your ass, wonder not why you’re stupid.



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