King Cuomo II

King Cuomo II is at it again.  Blue blood, coursing through the royal veins of aristocracy must completely obliterate any sense of irony and propriety for those to whom the manor were born.  Nothing else could possibly justify Cuomo’s recent decree regarding the blanket pardoning of children that skipped school throughout NY in solidarity with the political movement, created via the Parkland Florida school shooting.

Sensing opportunity to orchestrate political theatre on the backs of naive and vulnerable kids, Cuomo wrote the following statement in a letter to NYS Education Commissioner, Mary Ellen Elsa.

…”Peaceful expression of views on controversial issues that is not disruptive or threatening is a right that all students have in this country, and any attempts to stifle this speech violates the constitutional rights of students and faculty to free speech. Threatening to discipline students for participating in the peaceful demonstrations is not only inappropriate, it is unconstitutional.”

Does the King even read his own words?  How does the walkout of a portion of the student body, while school is in session, in the middle of the day, in the middle of classes not constitute a “disruptive” situation?  While this was happening more-or-less erratically and largely unorganized, how were these situations not potentially “threatening” to students as well as staff?  With entry ways suddenly breeched, staff was split between their classrooms where many students remained, and their obligation to supervise those outside.  This created a threatening, vulnerable and uncontrolled environment with too few people to provide proper oversight.


The walkouts were designed to be disruptive and threatening, but no matter to the King when his pet project is being advanced by a gaggle of schoolchildren unwittingly doing his bidding.  Those in the gun-hating segment of the media, led my CNN and funded by Mike Bloomberg, create the photo-ops that are the magic, media moments.  Cuomo then unashamedly rides that sentiment like a rented mule, taking advantage of our young people’s raw emotion, fear and tragedy.

All involved should be charged with child abuse.


Does anyone really believe that the King would be so supportive and so concerned with constitutional rights had a simultaneous walkout been organized by students against the SAFE Act?


Proof that former Prince Andy failed the bar exam several times becomes evident by his clear misinterpretation on the constitutionality of speech.  Constitutional Law is one of the first subjects taught in the first semester of law school.  Those who passed the bar understand that the right to free speech is not unlimited.  That right could have been exercised before or after school, but the impact of the disruptiveness was really the object and clearly not constitutionally protected speech as Cuomo suggests.

Those in positions of power have shamelessly harnessed the youthful exuberance of naive school kids to further their own agenda because if reason, logic and thoughtful conversation prevail, it is a losing proposition for their actual agenda; repealing the 2nd Amendment.






Albany Keeps Us SAFE

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and his sycophants in Albany are pushing to expand the SAFE Act.  Following Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s advise to, “never let a tragedy go to waste”, King Cuomo and his court of jester’s react like Pavlov’s dogs every time they hear gun fire, salivating over whatever ineffective, feel-good legislation they can enact in the middle of the night.


However, facts are stubborn things.


From the tragedy of 9-11 until today, the vast majority of “failings” regarding public safety were due to the failures of government.  Governmental agencies failing to communicate with each other or share data allowed 9-11 to happen.  The Texas church shooter should have been on a prohibited list, but the military failed to update the database.  The Florida school shooting where deputies hid outside, waiting for the gunfire to stop.  Social workers, caseworkers, school officials, all failed to pursue mental health options in so many cases where the shooters instability was obvious to everyone.


Nothing in the SAFE Act would have prevented any of the mass shootings, yet the same government that has failed us regularly, now proposes solutions.  It is because of failed government that we celebrate and cherish our right to firearms.



A Special Kind of Stupid


I have been writing about firearms for over 30 years with the overarching objective of educating and informing those who know little to nothing about the issue.  Regardless of my best efforts, I have failed.  I am disheartened to report that many in the general population of 30 years ago has morphed from ignorant and uninformed into just plain garden variety stupid today.


While it is accurate to acknowledge that the anti-gun, lying media complex has created and fortified the misinformation campaign against firearms, I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the gullible public that ingests this garbage.


Look no further than the very words of the anti-gun public in their expressions of opinion about guns.  My local newspaper’s op-ed section on Sunday printed eleven letters about firearms.  Nine of the eleven were negative and in each of those nine letters, provably false claims were made, not claims where thinking people can differ, but out-and-out falsehoods.  Of course, the Gannett newspaper prints these because the lies justify their dedication towards the anti-gun agenda.


Don Lemon at CNN was caught on-air not knowing the difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic firearm and when called on it, he declared that, “it doesn’t matter.”  Well it does matter Don.  Rejecting the truth transforms you from ignorant to willfully stupid and whoever heard that segment with Lemon and still believes him, is stupid as well.


And worse yet, the politician’s who actually are responsible for enacting the laws seem to know less about the subject that the stupid people who elect them.  California Senator Diane Feinstein, a vocal gun-hating ignoramus often mistakes a magazine for a projectile and not only doesn’t understand the differences in a bullets caliber, but clearly doesn’t want to learn because she has been in office for over 25 years, giving her plenty of time to distinguish between fact and fiction.


Political correctness, (PC), has declared as unacceptable calling anyone stupid.  Those who believe this are a special brand of stupid.  After we clear our head from the fog of PC, we know and accept that certain people are stupid and for this, there is no known cure, so I am finished trying to educate the illiterate.  Those voices simply don’t matter anymore because they’re too stupid to bother arguing with.  While these fools are entitled to their own opinions, they cannot construct their own alternative facts.


The millions of us who legally and safely own firearms have had enough lectures from stupid people devoid of facts, blabbering on with the talking points from their fellow travelers who control their small minds and forge their very opinions, useful idiots as Lenin called them.


Here is the reality.  Governmental failure at all levels is to blame for almost every mass tragedy, from 911 to Parkland, yet the useful idiots focus on the firearms.  Now that same government of repeated failures wants to “fix” the problem?  Indeed, a special kind of stupid embraces that.



Here’s a lesson in three popular liberal dog-whistle phrases so when you hear them, you’ll know you’re listening to either an idiot, a compete shill for the politically correct, or in all likelihood, a possessor of both.


Liberal dog-whistle phrase #1


“Gun Violence”

When libs use this, it is indicative of their close study of the assigned talking points because in the real world of actual spontaneous conversation, “gun violence” isn’t used.

By linking “violence” with the word “gun”, this is an effort to equate the negativity and nastiness of all that is this violent with the tool called a firearm.

Violence is violence.  Things aren’t violent, people are violent.  To the person beset upon with actions of violence, it hardly matters the instruments used in the administration of that violence.  Guns are inanimate tools, incapable of action without human intervention.  Will does not exist in objects.  Will or intent, only exists in the hearts and minds of men.  How they carry out that will or intent does in no way inflict vilification on the objects they choose to use.  Just as a hammer is great for nails, it is not so great for skulls.  And just like no one equates evil and violence with a hammer, it is no less rational to expect a difference when describing a firearm.  Box-cutters, butter knives and beehives have all been involved in killing.  None of these have intent or evil built into them; it was the violent intent of a person that used these things.

When the Lakeland Florida kids went back to school yesterday, surrounded by 50-armed police officers, no one was equating those armed officers as purveyors of gun violence.  But think about it, if guns were in and of themselves evil and violent, that must be the case regardless of who possesses that gun, right?  It just does not make sense.


“Gun Safety”

All firearms are equipped with a safety.  Most firearms have several safeties.  Modern firearms are safe against accidental discharge.  When the libs use the phrase “gun-safety”, they don’t mean anything useful; it is simply a rouse to again equate a lack of safety with firearms.  By repeating the words gun and safety repeatedly, eventually the libs hope to convince the idiots of the world that guns are just plain not safe and again, the concept of being safe is reserved to the actions of people not objects.

And finally, the mother of all Dog-Whistle phrases:



“Common-Sense Gun Laws”

Another classic lib tactic, use a phrase like “common-sense”, tie it to gun laws, and then challenge anyone to be against what is only common-sense.  The problem is that this requires one to believe that the tens of thousands of gun laws on the books are somehow devoid of common sense.

The reason this particular dog-whistle gets so much traction, is that the propaganda that has been spread for years, courtesy of a complicit media, has lied about the topic for so long and in so many ways, that the low-information citizen that has chosen to receive his news from these sources, has been brainwashed into believing that the country is completely lacking in firearms regulations when nothing could be further from the truth, but then again, if you keep your head up your ass, wonder not why you’re stupid.




The National Rifle Association, (NRA) has saved more lives and done more good in the civil rights arena than any other organization in modern America.  Whenever you hear an individual, a group or a corporation deride the NRA, or otherwise vilify or distance themselves from them, it is a sure fire indicator that they know nothing about the issue.  If they did, they would consider this:

These are facts:

The NRA was formed in 1871, making it the longest standing civil rights organization in America.  Ever since, the NRA has trained millions in marksmanship, hunter safety and the proper handling of firearms.  In 1940, the NRA supplied Britain with 7,000 firearms so civilians could defend against a Nazi invasion.  In 1960, the NRA became the first and only national trainer of law enforcement officers.  Today, there are more that 13,000 NRA-certified police and security firearms instructors.  More than 125,000 NRA certified instructors teach 1 million civilians annually the safe and proper handling of firearms.NRA

The Eddie Eagle program has reached more than 28 million kids in kindergarten through 4th grade, teaching them that if they see a firearm in an unsupervised situation, they should “STOP. DON’T TOUCH. RUN AWAY. TELL A GROWNUP.”

The Don’t Be a Victim seminars have reached over 100,000 women and men in assisting them to develop their own personal protection program.

The NRA has over 5 million members focused on training, proficiency, safety and most importantly the preservation of their Constitutional right to keep and bear firearms.  Those who believe that the NRA is in any way culpable for the actions of maniacal murderers are themselves morons of the first order, gobbling up all of the propaganda the mainstream media can shovel into their empty heads.  The only possible way that one can link the NRA to mass shootings, is to remain so resolutely devoted to a false narrative in order to reinforce the failed premise they had to begin with, clinging to a complete lie.

When nationally recognized companies scramble to severe their ties with the NRA, this speaks more about their culture and ways of doing business, than it does of actual substantive objection.  Those who play politics and take advantage of the emotional turmoil of murdered schoolchildren in order to seem enlightened and holier-than-thou are beneath contempt.

It is particularly distressing to hear Ed Stack, CEO of Dicks Sporting Goods jump on the bandwagon because Dick’s was founded right here in Binghamton and now I’m not only ashamed of Stack, but I’ll not do business with Dick’s because of it.

The NRA is a convenient target because hating on them leads to no particular repercussions while demonstrating the required political correctness these organizations feel the need to demonstrate to the progressives of the world.  It is not only stupid, it is cowardly.

Today, all the kids at the Florida school went back to class with 50-armed police officers surrounding the campus.  I don’t hear anyone calling for the banning of those guns…


Nero Fiddled, Kids Color

The elite American Left is finally waking to the fact that not only is the world a dangerous place, but increasingly, so is the United States.  While the radical academically liberal campuses are incubating entitled snowflakes, coloring in their “safe spaces” after a rigorous class in gender studies, the world must seem perfectly formed in their image.  But that is not the world in which most Americans live.


The Left creates public service announcements about bullying, drugs, guns and child abuse, feeling the effort alone is the solution.  Instead, their cavalier attitude actually encourages these things by trivializing the complexity of real solutions.  Victims are the secret sauce to sustain purpose for progressives.  Profiting from victimhood is the primary reason liberalism exists.

Tragically, victimhood requires the individual’s capitulation of self-worth, confidence and personal accountability.  Accepting victim status is to secede from participating in the greatest arena designed for personal success ever conceived by mankind; the United State of America.  The greatness of America can only mean that victimhood is a choice.  While millions have risked life and limb to not only come here, but to also defend our freedom and our shores with their very lives, how can those already a part of the greatest nation on Earth claim helplessness when so many resources are available?  The Left has led them to a pasture where the grass looked greener from a distance and no one noticed the fence and the gate that closed behind them.

School shootings have exposed the soft underbelly of the world the Left has created.  Those who conceptualized “Gun Free Zones” are as bloodily culpable as those who believed them.

God, guns and goodness have been tossed out of our schools and along with it common sense.  Societal failings have decimated families with welfare programs that reward single parent households over intact, traditional nuclear families where fathers domesticate boys into men.  Without such guidance, look at these mass shooters and tell me which ones had dads in their lives.

Evil propagates in a godless society.  You can’t reject God and expect that the evil that is always at odds with Godliness won’t manifest itself.  The struggle for all of mankind is that between Goodness and Evil.  That struggle happens internally for all of us within our hearts.  That same struggle, with the same evil, also exists and needs to be addressed in our external lives, our relationships, our governance, our policies, our nation’s very foundation built on goodness, virtue and God.


President Lincoln guided us through a civil war.  His words can guide us today, if we only heed them.

“Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust, in the best way, all our present difficulty”.

Those with a coloring book collection would find no safe space in the world of Lincoln, and they’ll find no such space in today’s or tomorrow’s world without God and good men with guns.




Child Abuse

Assigning authority to schoolchildren in defining a nation’s firearms policy is as idiotic as elevating movie stars to voices of wisdom when neither have any subject-matter expertise.  Exploiting traumatized teenagers into a nationally televised spectacle was nothing more than a hate-fest orchestrated by CNN to further their own rabidly anti-gun agenda; shameful using kids to humanize their deplorable fake-news track record.   The Left foments emotion to overcome thoughtfulness and logic because in the arena of ideas, they are clueless, underwhelming and woefully unarmed.

The Wall Street Journal reported that since 1990, a total of 150 people lost their lives in school shootings in the US.  This means students are statistically 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than from a bullet.  During that same 28-year period, approximately 2.5 million teens were killed in auto accidents.  100,000 kids will die in car crashes this year.  The Center for Disease Control, (CDC), reports that today, texting while driving is the leading cause of teen deaths.

There are over 50 million students in 100,000 school districts in the US and today, not one was shot.  However, 32 of those students will die today, and another 32 tomorrow, and another 32 every day in auto crashes, the overwhelming majority of which are the result of distracted driving.  In an average school week, more of these kids will die in car crashes, than the sum total of all school shootings since 1990.  These deaths will be just as awful for those left behind as were the murders in mass shootings, but these everyday deaths get no notice from a nation overwhelmed with information and tragedy.

Kids do have the specific subject-matter expertise to address this issue.  Their efforts to organize and march to influence their peers to behave responsibly while driving would have a far greater impact on saving lives, instead of being unwittingly used by the Left to be reactionary and symbolic in advancing their agenda.

While these kids are quick to call on their government to “do something”, the facts tell us that it is government itself that has failed those kids and by extension all of us.  The government failed to place the Texas church killer into the background database that would have prevented him from having weapons.  The government failed to address the multitude of instances that the Florida shooter could have been detained.  Government seldom shows us quality by example.

School shootings are preventable.  Celebrating political correctness by proudly proclaiming ones school to be within the so-called “Gun Free Zone” is an attractive  invitation for cowardly maniacs to become tantalized with the thoughts of killing.  Unarmed, soft-targets in a confined space offer the killer opportunity with little resistance.

With no indication that society anytime soon will become softer, it is wise that we move quickly to become harder.  Hardening our softest targets should be our immediate priority.  Deadly force is deterred with the certainty of a deadly response.  The uncertainty of who might be armed in a school deters a coward.

I wish the social scientists the best in addressing the underlying causes of our societal failings, but in the mean time, the reality of the situation is that these are the times in which we live.  We can hope that somehow, things change or at least don’t get worse, but we can also, simultaneously harden ourselves and our surroundings knowing that in a violent and uncertain world we must protect ourselves and our children.


Breeding Maniacs

From our nations founding until today, societal attitudes regarding firearms have transformed from commonplace and acceptable to anti-social and heretical.  The 1960’s public schools had rifle clubs and shooting galleries.  In rural America, it was common for kids to bring their shotguns or rifles onto the school bus, take them into school, stow them in their lockers and go hunting after class.

Until about the end of the 20th century, mass shootings were virtually non-existent.  With unfettered access to guns, schools, government buildings, churches, restaurants and other public spaces, people in the 60’s and before were not committing massacres.

Perfectly sane, legal gun-owners yesterday and today, are not the problem.  While recent gun ownership has skyrocketed, homicide rates continue to fall.

Societal changes represent the problem.  What has changed is the proliferation of maniacs, sociopaths and the criminally evil amongst us.  There are more evildoers today than there were 50 years ago.  Family breakdown is the problem and governmental policy is to blame with a welfare state that encourages it.

Traditional nuclear families domesticate young men and without that structure, maniacs proliferate.  While waiting for the Utopian world, we must harden soft targets with armed, honorable men with guns.