Drivel Versus Dribble


Conservatives in America first and foremost see people as unique and special individuals and only secondarily as groups.  The Left prefers to categorize people into sub-sets of groups and downplays the concept of individuality, preferring instead to force people into categories, reducing them to a simple commodity.  The Left assigns sameness to groups at the expense of their uniqueness as individuals.

Where the Left sees blacks, women, the poor, the rich, the 1%, etc., Conservatives see individuals, each with unique qualities, specific challenges and all different sorts of potentials, problems and pitfalls.

The proof of this claim is easy to establish.

For example, the Left asserts the notion that because black students in a high school makeup 10% of the student body, expulsion rates higher than 10% are de facto proof of racism.  Similarly, the Left points to the fact that while blacks are approximately 13% of the US population, their incarceration rate of nearly 38% of the overall inmate population proves racism.

The only way to reach these conclusions is to view blacks as a monolithic group, no different from any other group, devoid of uniqueness, individuality or nuance.  It is a simplistic analysis completely absent of consideration for the person.

If the Left is right about this way of measuring institutional racism, the following should also be true.

The racial makeup of the National Basketball Association, (NBA) should be approximately 13% black, 18% Latino and 61% white because this is the percentage of these groups in the US population.  Major League Baseball should share the same statistics, as should professional golf, hockey, etc., if we are to accept this flawed notion that groups of people are monolithic.


How then does the Left explain that the NBA is actually 74% black, 2% Latino and only 23% white?  Baseball is 8% black, 29% Latino and 59% white.  Of the approximately 713 active players on the National Hockey League, about 32 are black, or 4.4%.

And finally, how would the Left possibly explain Tiger Woods?  Just this past weekend, golf fans all but abandoned every other player on the course to follow Woods to a second place finish.  How would the Left possibly explain Woods being the most revered golfer in history and one of the highest paid athletes of all times, black or white?

Hero World Challenge - Round Three

The NBA is under-represented by white and Latino players because the league seeks the best possible talent and it so happens that the black players are better.  While the Left is counting colors, the rest of us are seeing individuals.  Rules in schools and laws in society compel behaviors and demand consequences.  Whether expelled or incarcerated, if the process for determining this is applied fairly and equally, then color don’t matter.

Those who think otherwise are simply making excuses for poor performance, bad behavior and criminal activity, hiding behind the flawed and now disproven theory of racism by the numbers.



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