King Andy


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a fraud of the first order, anointed into the political class courtesy of his father’s fame, fortune and political muscle.  Andrew’s father, three-time New York Governor Mario Cuomo was a smart, old school, self-made man.  Andrew is a legacy and unlike his father, is no intellectual, having struggled academically his entire life, culminated by failing the bar exam multiple times.

The elder Cuomo was bright and articulate while his son is a reactionary and vindictive, thin-skinned blowhard.  Without the name, the money and the political arsenal of the power brokers his father developed, Andrew would be just another handsome face in New York, the pretty-boy type real men hate for such stunning lack of depth.  Male model looks worthy of a magazine cover, but inside a book of pulp fiction.

Cuomo isn’t even up to the standard of ordinary, but by virtue of his gene-pool luck, the kingdom perpetuates its existence while the plebes continue to believe that have a choice in the Kingdom of New York.


Man on Left: Dean Skelos, convicted felon, tossed out of office.

Man on Right:  Sheldon Silver, convicted felon, tossed out of office

Man in Middle:  Andrew Cuomo, King of New York, pure as the driven snow

3 men in a room


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