Albany Keeps Us SAFE

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and his sycophants in Albany are pushing to expand the SAFE Act.  Following Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s advise to, “never let a tragedy go to waste”, King Cuomo and his court of jester’s react like Pavlov’s dogs every time they hear gun fire, salivating over whatever ineffective, feel-good legislation they can enact in the middle of the night.


However, facts are stubborn things.


From the tragedy of 9-11 until today, the vast majority of “failings” regarding public safety were due to the failures of government.  Governmental agencies failing to communicate with each other or share data allowed 9-11 to happen.  The Texas church shooter should have been on a prohibited list, but the military failed to update the database.  The Florida school shooting where deputies hid outside, waiting for the gunfire to stop.  Social workers, caseworkers, school officials, all failed to pursue mental health options in so many cases where the shooters instability was obvious to everyone.


Nothing in the SAFE Act would have prevented any of the mass shootings, yet the same government that has failed us regularly, now proposes solutions.  It is because of failed government that we celebrate and cherish our right to firearms.



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