June 24, 2017 was a Saturday.  I know this because that was the day my oldest child and only son was nearly killed.  Bobby was riding his motorcycle when a car pulled out of a side street and into his path.  The quick thinking of the local mailman may have saved his life as he attended to him before the ambulance could arrive.

Taken to a nearby trauma center, Bobby was near death and in a coma.  He had a closed brain injury, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, internal injuries and many broken bones.  Several leg fractures remained open and unable to be repaired because he was so unstable.

As the days passed, Bob’s lungs were getting worse.  His ability to absorb enough oxygen to live was decreasing below survivable levels.  The decision was made to airlift him to a Level 1 trauma center because a special respirator located there was his only hope.

A few days later, a Navy surgeon took me aside and told me that I had best start preparing my ex-wife for the fact that our son was not going to make it.  He had been in a deprived oxygen state for too long.  Even if he survived all of the other medical issues, his brain was likely to be damaged badly.  He would probably never regain consciousness.

Bobby remained in a coma for just over two weeks.  He remained in the hospital for 90 some days and underwent nine surgeries.  He then spent the next thirty plus days in an in-patient, rehabilitation center and when finally discharged to go home, in a wheelchair, spent the next several months attending daily outpatient rehabilitation from eight to five where he learned to walk again, get into and out of a bed, a shower and a car.

On March 24, 2018, exactly nine months to the day, my son drove from his home in Virginia Beach to visit me here in New York.  When most people think about the term, “nine-months” they think about pregnancy and new life.  So do I.  I think about the new life God Almighty gave to my son.  I thank God for the miracle of his recovery, and the hope and inspiration it has surly provided for all who witnessed this miraculous event.

Only the power of God saved Bobby.  I hope that the hundreds and hundreds of people who prayed for him were bolstered in their own faith by becoming a real part of his salvation and hopefully, their own.

The scores of medical people who touched Bob were all doing the work of God.  Clearly the Lord has something particular in mind for this fortunate young man who has had his life handed back to him by the very object of what true perfection can only be, and than is in the person of God Almighty Himself.

As we celebrate Easter, realize the fact that Jesus died for those who believe.  This is as true and as literal for all of us, as it is literal and true for Bobby getting his life back.  Thank you Father.  All glory be to You.


2 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Wanda Chrysler says:

    Dear Bob, Thank you so much for sharing that miracle with us. and Thank God for giving you this miracle to share. WOW, So happy for you and him. Gene & Wanda


  2. Frank Kingsley says:

    Thank You Dad. I love You. More than ever because of my New Life (and rebirth) in which You have always been a loving and determining factor in. Thank You again, and THANK YOU GOD🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌈☀️♥️


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