Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has vocalized what every gun-hating liberal has been feeling for decades now; collective disdain for the 2nd Amendment.  At least Stevens has the guts to say it out loud.  While I vehemently disagree, I admire his temerity in advocating for the amendments repel.

The collective gutlessness of the anti-gun movement has been sickeningly apparent since they first began their pathetic whining.  Stevens has finally dragged them out of the closet.  Now, instead of hapless cries for ineffective and marginal measures that do nothing and make no meaningful or substantive changes, the cowards movement, (as they deserve to be called), openly and proudly advocates for defenseless surrender in the face of assault, oppression and tyranny.

Cowards give up.  Cowards live in fear.  Cowards embrace surrender, defeat and accept oppression from their suppressors.  No document, law, manifest or movement can take away God-given rights, amongst them self-defense.  The cowards that try, do so at their own peril.  The right to cowardess is inward.  Those who embrace their inner coward cannot impose it on others.  The fearful-of-all-things mindset that celebrates the amendments repeal is too cowardly to prevail, smothered ironically by their own fear.


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