The poet Robert Frost was right 100 years ago and it is applicable today, “Good fences make for good neighbors.”  Fences and borders define things; property lines, farm plots, ranches, malls, cities, counties, states and even whole countries.  We have fences in our yards and around our homes.  We survey our property and we define the borders of those properties with pinpoint precision.  It puzzles me why defining and defending our country’s border is so controversial when defining any other border is commonplace.

Without borders, we have no countries.  Without countries, we have no vote.  Without voting, we have no rights.  Without rights, we have no laws.  Without laws, we have no protections.  Without protections, we have no freedoms.  And without freedom, we are left with anarchy.

Open border advocates are accordingly anarchists, even if unwittingly through their own ignorance.  We claim to be a nation of laws and accordingly, laws define and provide sanctions for all of the above issues.  For those who take issue with any of this, work at changing the laws, not openly advocating for anarchy.





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