An Open Letter to Starbucks

Regarding the recent situation in Philadelphia, I offer you the following facts, followed by perspective.

Starbucks locations are on private property.  Starbucks exists to be profitable.  Starbucks can set store policy, including refusing seating to non-paying loiterers.  Starbucks can prohibit the use of bathrooms to non-paying loiterers.  When non-paying loiterers are asked to leave a Starbucks and refuse, they become criminal trespassers.  When the police arrive, responding to a complaint about said trespassing, and the trespassers refuse police commands to leave, they can be rightfully arrested for trespassing.

No one disputes the allegations that these men cursed at the store manager.  No one disputes the allegation that the men yelled at and berated the police officers that were dispatched.

The loitering trespassers in this story seem to be confused about what they perceive as their “rights.”  All rights as defined in our governing documents and codified in our laws are equally applied to all in the US.  There is no “right” to unlawfully loiter on private property.  There is no “right” to use a private bathroom.  Entry to that private Starbucks is conditioned on making a purchase.  Because the loitering trespassers refused to make a purchase, they created a situation in which the management of that Starbucks asked them to leave.  The loitering trespassers created the situation for which they now claim is evidence of a racial bias.

In a civilized society, we follow basic rules of common courtesy.  When these loitering trespassers were confronted by the Starbucks manager and heard her explanation about the store policy, the civilized, normal response would have been to simply purchase a cup of coffee, or leave the premises.  Cursing at her is our first clue about the level of civility these loitering trespassers possessed.  Secondly, once the police arrived, these loitering trespassers berated them as well.  How many civilized citizens berate police and refuse their commands to the point of arrest?

This level of behavior borders on the thuggish.

Instead, in this new world we find ourselves in, turned upside down, we see the loitering trespassers having all charges dropped and their actions applauded.  We hear the police commissioner apologize for enforcing the law.  We see the Starbucks manager fired and vilified, when she should be promoted.  We see Starbucks ceremoniously closing all of their stores for half a day, in order to teach their employees how to understand their “unconscious biases.”  And finally, we hear Howard Schultz, Starbucks founder, apologizing to America.

The loitering trespassers were wrong, their arrests were valid and they should have been prosecuted.  The manager was right, the franchise was right, the policy is just.

“Unconscious bias” is the newest PC ploy used to censor.

It’s crap.



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