Boy Bashing


Gender eradicating radical feminists are in full assault mode trying to erase “maleness” from men.

To them, masculinity is a sexually transmitted disease.

Because they know better than to attack the few real men left in this world, they instead bully little boys into growing up as ball-less buffoons, easily led, once force-fed a testosterone-free diet.

The mission of the new order Cow-Class is to socially castrate males. Keep discouraging men from being masculine fathers and that is what we will get.

Social media content creators manipulated and co-opted big business, through advertising campaigns, into propagandizing this mass emasculation. Consider insurance companies Liberty Mutual and AllState.

A Liberty Mutual TV ad celebrates young men’s inability to change a tire into a pitch for insurance that does this for them. Changing a tire used to be a rite of passage for young men learning to drive.

In the Liberty ad, the clearly expressed message is that the boy is being raised by a single mom, (no wedding rings and no dad in the picture,) while the primary message is that the boy is completely helpless.  During the entire 30-second spot, the boy looks around sheepishly, nervously glancing about and holding onto his arm with his opposite hand, while never opening his mouth, speechless in the shadow of his all-powerful Mommy doing all the talking.  Pathetic.

Our poor boys are cowed into silence, empowering women by the contact-high of scratched off testosterone found beneath their nails as the claw there way towards the feminization of American men.

Allstate ratchets it up a notch, demonstrating progress in the successful de-nutting goal. In this TV ad, the husband is shown peering into the refrigerator.  His passive-aggressive wife then denigrates and embarrasses her husband as she simultaneously pokes him in the ribs and chides him for not going to the gym enough to suit her.

Just imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed.

And finally, the 108 year-old tradition of Boy Scouting dropped the word BOY from their title, ending more than a century of proud leadership in effectively turning boys into men, precisely what the Cow-Class dreads most; independent, strong, clear-thinking men.

Men and everything that maleness stands for are under constant criticism today. The Cow-Class agenda is driven by a combination of misandrous ideology and self-loathing, stemming mainly from their own sexual insecurity and unhappiness in begrudgingly assimilating into a gender role asymmetrical with happiness and contentment.

Driven by these internal conflicts, they attack maleness because it exposes their own fragility when compared against real men’s natural self-assuredness. These tortured caricatures of women inwardly crave the possession of masculinity for themselves, while simultaneously abhorring it when packaged in men.  Unsuccessful in harnessing the power of masculinity, they instead attack genuine men because they can’t seem to establish that level of satisfaction for themselves.

The famed father of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud figured this all out 100 years ago and brilliantly reduced his findings to two words:

Penis Envy.





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