Role Models

Dumb guy

Three twenty-something boys and three young girls roll into the dive bar late Sunday, interrupting my otherwise pleasant viewing of the baseball playoff game.  The boys are matte white Caucasians, mass attending, well educated, and affluent with scruffy beards, hats reversed, sporting orthodontic smiles through the light fog of a joyfully drunk demeanor.

Along side this trio of lug nuts are the lily-white young women who trickled in behind them, cell phone clutching, giggling, make-up mavens with big hair and strongly competing fragrances, blabbering non-stop as the boys gleefully ignore them while slamming beers, laughing and loading the jukebox.

Trying to concentrate on the game, my senses are suddenly offended by blaring lyrics that any thinking, normal human being would find abhorrent.  Doubling-down on this tasteless trash, the boys, in a unison trio, join in and loudly and proudly sing along to a ditty that goes like this, courtesy of the finest example of human civility and dignified behavior today’s youths can apparently conjure up, Kanye West:

You’re such a fuckin’ ho, I love it I love it,
I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (Whoop!)
I like my dick sucked, I’ll buy you a sick truck
I’ll buy you some new tits, I’ll get you that nip-tuck

One of the boys sees the look on my face and asks me what I think, clearly enjoying the shock value.  I tell him that he needs some new role models.  Astonishingly he says, “I don’t have many.”

Sadly, I believe him.

Three quick take-aways for any young person who can identify with this group as it might apply to them and their friends.

  1. The first time you heard this song should have been the last time you ever heard it.  This is straight up evil filth and you ought to be capable of recognizing that without being told.  The fact that this group not only didn’t have the consciousness to reject it, but committed it to memory, makes me sick and it definitely makes them spiritually empty.  The level of distain this demonstrates for women is breath taking.  Those young men felt perfectly comfortable singing these lyrics at the top of their lungs, in a public place, into the ears of their girlfriends.  The only thing more mind numbing is the fact that those young women didn’t think enough of themselves to get up and walk out of that environment. miss1 Accepting this as ok makes them open to and vulnerable to almost anything.  It is sad that these young girls don’t insist on something better.  What a lack of self-value, so sad to see.  Is this really what these girls are looking for in a man?  Talk about settling.

2.  For all young men that find nothing wrong with this you ought to be asking yourselves; what about my own sister, my mom, would I be so loud and proud singing this to them?  Would you be so accepting as you watched their boyfriends sing that song to them?  How about we post this performance to YouTube for your boss, or perspective employers to see?  Still so sure of your choices?

3.  And finally, as you move along in your lives, eventually marry, have a family, is this the legacy you want to present to your future kids?  Should they build on your premise and go even deeper into the moral abyss?  This level of filth is morally offensive and dangerous to not only your mental health, but to the deeper spirit of a nation founded on goodness.  Grow up and reject that which is evil.  I know for a fact all of you were taught better than this.  You’re all making really alarmingly bad choices that will ultimately define for others who you are and what values you live by.  Is this really your best effort?

As for the young man that enjoyed my stunned reaction to his stupidity, I have a simple, single question that I will bet the farm on he fails miserably to be able to answer.  This is how I can best phrase it.  You have committed to memory all of the filthy lyrics of the Kanye West song in order to impress your friends.  That said, which amendment to the US Constitution protects your right, and Kayne’s right to utter those awful words?


Yea, I didn’t think so genius.  Maybe memorizing the Constitution is a better use of your brain cells than allowing the likes of a Kanye West anywhere near what is left of your sensibilities.


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