Pink Floyd, Meet Donald Trump

From 1979 until the Trump campaign began, the phrase “The Wall” conjured up Pink Floyd and triggered that familiar melody in our heads.  Today this term is the modern representation of Fort Sumter in current American politics.  Sadly, many will have to Google “Fort Sumter” to understand the reference and therein lies the partial explanation of our problem, a lack of historical understanding.

Noted intellectual and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Reinhold Niebuhr said:

“The fence and the boundary line are the symbols of the spirit of justice. They set the limits upon each man’s interest to prevent one from taking advantage of the other.”

The borders of a country are no different.  Respecting borders provides acknowledgement of ownership, control and providence of ones rights whether it be that of a nation, state, county, farm, a meadow, or a home in the city.  Without borders, there are no countries, no cities, no towns, no privacy, no societal norms or public convention but instead collectivism.


Four centuries of well-established law governs US immigration.  Mexico is transitioning from a third-world economy and society with a much lower standard of living and deep poverty.  The Mexican minimum wage is 64 cents per hour.  Because much of the southern border is open, unfenced, unwalled and sparsely patrolled, illegal entry so far in 2018 is estimated at over 300,000.


President Trump’s primary campaign promise was to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.  It is promise that got him elected and he will rightfully be drummed out of office if he fails.

These facts are not in dispute:

  • Over 12 million illegals already live here illegally.
  • Thousands breech the southern border regularly and continually.
  •  Illegals drive up the cost of law enforcement, social services, taxes, health care and education.

Our walls have doors.  The US has always been a welcoming country.  We have welcomed more immigrants from around the world than any other country on the planet by far.  Every year, more than 1 million legally admitted immigrants will make America home.  It is our right and obligation to enforce immigration laws as they best benefit our country.

Those against the wall, supporting open borders while opposing the rule of law and challenging our right to national sovereignty are by definition anarchist traitors disqualified of citizenship and true enemies of the State.

Pink Floyd’s lyrics tell us, “We don’t need no education…”  Mission accomplished for those fools who want to see the demise of our country via globalization, again, lessons only learned from history if you bother to study it.

President Trump; build the wall you promised, or drown in the very swamp you have failed to drain.



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