Everyone ought to be offended by the phrase “white privilege.”  To attach that label to every member of an entire race minimizes the individual’s actual accomplishments while undermining their unique values.  All members of a particular race are first and foremost individuals.  Using divisive and accusatory terms like this makes sweeping assumptions about individuals by seeing them as first a monolithic group, rather than as unique and differing people.

How demeaning.

Today’s popular culture movement has this wrong-headed idea of equality of outcomes over the righteous principle of the equality of opportunity.  Those accusing “white privilege” automatically assume the role of victim because of it.  This conveniently twists logic in order to avoid the more obvious and difficult inquiry, that being examining the weaknesses and deficiencies of the accuser.  Claiming others have this privilege conveniently exempts the accuser of any self-examination or personal responsibility.

According to the dictionary definition of “privilege”, it is a special right, immunity or benefit that is granted.  The obvious question then would be, who is it that is doing the granting here?

People not only come in different colors, but they come in different packages of abilities, temperaments and talents.  Some people are smart, inquisitive, and tireless, while others make bad choices, act stupidly and sometimes even against their own self interests.  These internal qualities and  deficiencies have nothing to do with anyone else, but those who wish to label an entire races have little interest in self-examination or personal responsibility, when it is easier to blame others and then wallow in the self-pity that serves no other purpose than to perpetuate their own lack of accomplishment.


Consider how far we have fallen, when we aren’t outrightly offended by a phrase that classifies an entire race of something so outrageously offensive and unfounded.  Imagine the outrage, and it would be rightful outrage, if the phrase “black self-pity” came into common use, and then espoused a thesis affirming the principle so forcefully that publicly rejecting it would be widely considered as politically incorrect in certain lofty circles.  The accusation of “white privilege” is just as outrageous, offensive and racist.

Replace the word “privilege” with “supremacy” and in a perverted, ironic twist, you have the same argument being made and reaching a similar conclusion, the first by race-baiters and the second by race-haters.


Whatever you might think privilege is, the truth is, it can be found, pursued, grabbed, it can be forcefully taken, wrestled with, sought and harnessed, but only if you have the temerity to afford yourself the power that rests inside you to go after such things and make of yourself whatever you are capable of becoming.  Those whining about their unfounded opinion as to how others did what they did, matters of which they actually have no idea, is wasted energy and it insults an entire race of people unjustly, and not by accident, affording no defense, just absolute condemnation without rebuttal.  Such damning proclamations are blatantly racist.

We all enjoy the privilege of being alive and living in the greatest country on earth.  Untold hundreds of thousands of people from other countries risk life itself in order to get here.  They take their chances in a foreign culture, not knowing our language or customs, many times skirting the law, and they do it all in the hope of enduring the ravages of what a hand-full of self-proclaimed elitist under-achievers call the impossibility of their success because of “white privilege.”  How is it that the totality of the migrant world that dreams of a home in the USA sees so much promise when those who have instant access to that dream see nothing but obstacles and defeat?


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