Fast Freddie

Police recruiters screen out those who over-value power, dominance and authority.  Law enforcement tends to attract those with these over-valuing issues, making them likely to abuse their authority.

Fred Akshar fits that troubling profile.

Using only that which is in the public domain regarding his personal life, we see a disturbing pattern, beginning at the sheriff’s department where Akshar was involved in a romance with a subordinate.  As a Senator, Akshar again developed a relationship with a subordinate employee whose salary he tripled at taxpayer expense.  Now, Akshar admits to having a one-night-stand with the victim of a crime in a case on which he was working.  Because the case was being actively appealed, Akshar’s actions jeopardized the legal process.

Public officials are held to a higher standard that ordinary citizens.  The appearance of impropriety is to be avoided, in the interest of preserving and insuring the trust of the public.

FreddyAkshar not only fails in his ability to preserve the trust of the people, he doubles down, justifying and excusing himself from all criticism, going on social media to defend his behavior and deride any and all who see his antics for what they are, shameful, dominating and reprehensible.


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