PC = Censorship

The ongoing saga of the alleged strip-search at a Binghamton middle school is a classic example of how the poison of PC (political-correctness) pollutes and censors common sense.

After an internal investigation, followed by two separate police investigations, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.  Why?  Because the allegations are false.  PC demands that you don’t dare say this or risk being labeled a racist.

Charges of filing false police reports ought to be leveled against the girls and their parents but that will never happen.  The girls aren’t white and the school officials all are.  This automatically invokes playing the race card in a tired old card trick everyone knows is a false flag.

Within hours of the alleged incident, a local hate-group calling themselves PLOT, (Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow) weighed in with their racist-based, vitriolic-fueled bile.  Eyes not blinded by the PC acid mist could clearly see the “plot” here has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with extortion and an excuse to be outraged.  PLOT’s own web-presence proudly proclaims their hatred.

The Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the girls.  In their statement they say, “… research shows how stereotypes lead adults to perceive black and Latina girls as more troublesome and suspicious than their white peers…”  What if in the case of this school, and in the case of these girls, that statement is just plain true?  What if these girls are well-known trouble-makers?  Is it a stretch to think that maybe, just maybe, these girls have had brushes with the school authorities in the past?  Common sense says that middle school kids perceive white teachers and principals as “troublesome and suspicious” as well.  No secret there.

The hard-working, quality educators that teach in that school are highly experienced, well-trained, professionals.  These folks fight every day a clash of competing cultures throughout the Binghamton schools, some that don’t respect authority, don’t respect the value of education, and come from backgrounds and familial situations that have failed to prepare them for assimilation into a productive, inclusive and friendly world based on mutual trust and mutual understandings.  How do you expect our educators to manage that mix of cultures with others that embrace personal responsibility, hard work, ethical behavior and the ideas of furthering and bettering ones-self to the best of each persons ability?

Our educators manage a daily clash of cultures in a world seeing those factions grow further and further apart every day.

Indeed, those young girls were mistreated.  They were mistreated by parents and activists who jumped to conclusions and smelled a payday in a settlement to a nuisance lawsuit.  Moreover, they are being continually mistreated by the NAACP, PLOT and the Legal Defense Fund, all of whom are making political hay on the backs of these little girls.

Put that in your PC pipe and smoke it.


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