America’s Finest!

The clueless clamoring over Trump’s tax returns is the liberal’s version of the Obama birth certificate scandal, except that being a natural-born citizen is a constitutional requirement for being the President.  Handing over your tax returns is not.

The Internal Revenue Service, (IRS) is the most aggressive tax collection agency in the world, employing 10,000 auditors.  So what do the liberals want?  They must believe that the audits of Trumps returns are inadequate or they wouldn’t be asking.  Why do they doubt the very agency they created and control?  Had any wrongdoing been found, Trump would have been subject to penalties.

And who better to review and analyze a complex tax return than the likes of say US Representative from Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee, member of the Judiciary Committee and among those demanding his returns.  Representative Lee is famous for confusing her planets when she asked if the Mars Pathfinder was able to photograph the spot where astronaut Neil Armstrong had planted the US flag, (except that was on the moon.)


Certainly Congresswoman and Science Committee member Lee might be just the brain trust to unravel for us not only the mysteries of space, but of high finance as well.



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