The Utopian Ideal of Fairness

It isn’t fair that only a select few people have stood on the summit of Mt. Everest.  Everyone is entitled to see that incredible view from the highest point on Earth, right?



To the mountain and the attainment of its summit, the concept of, “a level playing field” is a joke.  The only way to climb the highest peak is to prepare, practice, get fit, acclimate, be highly motivated and highly trained.  Like mountain climbing, the normal course of every day life activity does not resemble anything remotely “level.”


Playing fields are designed by humans, controlled by lines, numbers, fences, referees and rules.  Americans are blessed with the opportunity of the daily adventure of pursuing happiness by way of their God given rights, not government granted successes.  The more level the playing field, the less liberty one has.

The myth of fairness shrouds itself not in the righteous concept of access to opportunity, but in the perverse, socialist ideals of the equality of outcomes.  This warped mentality ignores the human conditions of individualism, ambition, perseverance, leadership and vision.

The summit to the climber, or an ordinary life well lived are both attained by our own actions, not ordained by governments.




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