Pushing Back

This is a letter to my gun club in Binghamton that was quick to shut down in the face of this emergency. Even those of us in the firearms community seem to be getting soft on oppressive government…

I’ve been a member of this club for nearly two decades and have never had an issue with our leadership until now.  I am asking that the Executive Committee rescind their decision made earlier today and align club policy with what I believe is a closer representation of the will of the members and the spirit of the firearms community.

Our club ought to be leading by example and not be cowed so quickly by unilateral government decree.  The club is a large enough building as to afford members sufficient “social distancing” while still remaining open.  If convenience stores, gas stations and  Hum-Dinger Ice Cream Store can remain in operation, there is no good reason that our club should voluntarily close.  We could easily self-police our activity to 3-5 members at a time while remaining safe and responsible.

This is what the Governor’s directive says in part:

11. Essential Services Necessary to Maintain the Safety, Sanitation and Essential Operations of Residences or Other Essential Businesses, Including:  (partial listing)

law enforcement

fire prevention and response

building code enforcement


emergency management and response

As responsible and well-trained firearms owners, aren’t we best suited to assist in maintaining the safety… and security of residents and other essential businesses?  I believe that our club and its members qualify as ESSENTIAL SERVICES as defined by the Governor’s own decree as outlined above.

If there ever was a time to demonstrate leadership by example, while endangering no one, the Executive Committee ought to recognize that the members of the club, individually, should determine, for themselves, if they CHOOSE to use the club during this time.  If you’re uncomfortable using the club for now, stay home.

This rapid decision to simply shut down seems to me antithetical to what I always thought firearms owners stood for.  It certainly flies in the face of my beliefs and I don’t believe I’m alone.  Was the purpose of our firearms and all of the training only to produce tools for punching tiny holes in paper targets?

I think we have a moral obligation to push-back on an oppressive government. We can and should remain open while simultaneously practicing the distancing protocols. We need to lead by example.  We are proud and patriotic citizens not subjects to be lorded over.  If I’m a lone voice in the dark on this, maybe I’m in the wrong club.


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