Democrats stalled legislation for freeing up nearly $2 trillion in liquidity for Americans affected by this crisis.  James Clyburn, Democrat house majority whip told Democrats to see this situation as a, “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  The bill failed because the Democrats attached to it a laundry list of crap that has nothing to do with the virus.  Clyburn’s pronouncement demonstrates to anyone willing to listen all they need to know about the lack of virtue, character and honor that only a strategy like that can explain.

It nicely frames the entirety of the new Democrat Party today.  The Left-Wing of what used to be thinking and thoughtful people has replaced reason with fantasy, fact with fiction and logic with lunacy.

The ideologic “isle” all were busy figuring out how to cross has become a freeway with no speed limits, too dangerous to cross, too likely to result in being run over.  In the past, conviviality and comity might yield results.  Today, stop sticks and the pit maneuver are the tools required to not meet half way, but to stomp the life out of not only the Corona virus, but the more dangerous and infective plague of liberalism.


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