Have We Exchanged Freedom for “Feardom”?

I am deeply disheartened by what I see today.  Too many are terrorized by this virus.  I sincerely thought that we were stronger than this.  What has happened to the American spirit of success, strength and optimism?  Replacing our dreams with fear is a fool’s errand.  Kipling said that, “Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.”  And what better word for it than “liar.”  The 24/7 media cycle peddles non-stop gloom and doom, ginning up the uncertainty to foment fear in order to chase profits.  We must not forget who we are and how we got to this point in history.  It certainly wasn’t by being weak, timid and easily led.

Fear is the product of a lack of understanding which leads to uncertainty that undermines our routines and what we thought we knew.  Perspective is always helpful in gaining understanding.  In the first quarter of this year alone, approximately 50,000 American’s have died from the regular flu.  As of this writing, just over 5,400 are dead from Covid-19.  Hot spots around the country account for the lion’s share of infections.  The vast majority of people who contract this will recover without hospitalization.  Even using the worse-case-scenario numbers of potential lost life in this country, the changes of dying from this is approximately 0.0007 percent.  Contrast this with the fact that over 2.5 million people will die in car crashes this year.  That’s 1 in 103. Deciding to make that drive to the pharmacy to get your mask and gloves puts you at a risk factor of death by vehicle some thousands of times greater than that of contracting the dreaded virus.

It turns out that getting people to do nothing is a hell of a lot easier than getting them to do something.  After all, if your government locks you down, then they ought to pay you right?  Already we hear the shouts of “free money”, as if anything is actually free.  The political spin on all of this is to throw dollars at us in the short term, maybe even more that some made while working.  What a great incentive to dull ones spirit.  Does any thinking person really believe it’s a coincidence that those who pursue and crave power over us are busy right now exercising that power in ways in which we’ve never seen?

Whatever the current “shiny object” is, (today Covid-19), it is NEVER the actual truth of what is really being sought after.  There is ALWAYS an ulterior motive and the shiny object is actually a distraction.

Anwar Sadat said it best.  “Fear is, I believe, a most effective tool in destroying the soul of an individual, and the soul of a people.”  If we as a people, don’t resist this effort to cow us into self-quarantine, we will lose whatever we have left of our founders glorious endowment of exceptionalism.

Fear won’t cure tomorrow, but it will devour today.    




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