The Kings New Clothes

Covid King Cuomo was recently coronated and elevated from his former position of mere governor of New York, to now single-handedly reining over the Land of CV19.

This new and dangerous region is defined as a giant, ominous and sometimes pulsing red circle on TV screens, representing the land mass of what used to be metro NY City, Westchester County, Long Island, Northern New Jersey and western Connecticut.

Beckoned into service by virtue of his obvious leadership superiority and a magnitude of wisdom so obviously ordained from god, it would have been defying the greater forces of nature to not seek out, no insist, that this man, so able, so benevolent, so right-for-the-task, be swept into service in order to save us from our own instincts.  

Should you be unsure or unclear as to the wisdom flowing from King Cuomo, you need only watch a single televised news conference to convince yourself of his virtue.  His condescending tone, his inflection, the pregnant impatient pausing, the facial contortions, the body language, all remind us of how helpless and incapable we have become.  We are so much safer when we remain at home and in our pajamas watching King Cuomo.

The King is our father, gathering us around our TV’s, first scaring, then reassuring us, as if he is reading spooky children’s books around a camp fire to 4th graders, it provides us such comfort as we learn to surrender the responsibilities for our own well-being, and happily hand-over that right to the King.

“Stay inside, wear your mask, keep your distance, stop thinking, and do as I say, saith the King.”

Hans Christian Anderson may well have provided the antidote to King Cuomo, should we  two tailors who promise to make the emperor a set of cloths that are invisible to those who are too stupid, incompetent or otherwise unfit.  As the emperor parades around naked, no one dares say a word, for fear that they are the only ones not seeing the magical garments.  Finally a young child yells out, “The emperor has no cloths”, and the entire charade exposes the power of group-think.

Cuomo is that emperor.  He proudly declares he will send uniformed soldiers to SEIZE ventilators from upstate hospitals, but gun owner are “paranoid” when they believe firearms are next.  While the King complains of CV19 hospitals being over-run, the USNS Comfort sits in the NYC harbor with 40 patients when it can care for 1000.  This tyrant hobbled New Yorkers gun rights in the middle of the night, passed a porked-up state budget in the middle of the night, and accordingly, his true character is best understood in the total darkness that night provides.

Self-doubt, fear, blind obedience and second-guessing ones own thoughts make this tyrant appear to be wearing the best of garments.  Keep relinquishing your God-given rights and let the King think for you and never see nakedness again.


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