“If It Saves Just One Life”….

Elizabeth New Jersey Mayor Chris Bollwage is the latest blowhard to self-anoint the indelibly mark of his humanitarian virtue by his simple decree:  “If it saves just one life,” Saint Chris decries, “it is worth it.”

The old, “if it saves just one life…” excuse for doing something, anything, is a straight-up false choice.  For example, if we made one simple change, we could reduce deaths from motor vehicle accidents by over 95%, saving approximately 40,000 lives a year.  Remember the words from Saint Bollwage, “If it saves just on life…”  We could accomplish that over-night by reducing the speed limit throughout the country to 15 miles-per-hour.  Few would argue of the life-saving implications of such a low speed threshold, but even fewer would agree to be slowed to such a drastic degree.  You see, we trade expedience, quality-of-life and convenience goals for human life every day, as this example proves.

So what might Bollwage the Magnificent be speaking of when he declares an activity that will be so grandiose as to begin the saving of lives?  Closing Planned Parenthood?  Aggressively enforcing drug laws?  Jailing dangerous criminals?  No, we’ll have none of that common-sense talk, he is justifying the use of Chinese drones to enforce “social distancing” regulations on the fortunate citizens of Elizabeth.

Police officials said, “All its doing is spreading an automated notice about social distance. No recording or pictures are taken, just a tool of encouragement to follow the rules.”   How magnanimous of the City of Elizabeth to provide her citizens with, “tools of encouragement.” 

Only a disingenuous tyrant would make such an assertion and none but fools should believe it.

The Chinese government also uses similar “tools of encouragement” in their country.  We might ask their citizens how that has worked out for them but due to their over-abundance of “encouragement” none were willing to talk.

These drones are manufactured in China by DJI, a technology company suspected of gathering information on US infrastructure.  This is a portion of the conclusions from a 2017 U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Intelligence Bulletin about DJI:

Special Agent in Charge Intelligence Program, “(SIP), Los Angeles assesses with high confidence the critical infrastructure and law enforcement entities using DJI systems are collecting sensitive intelligence that the Chinese government could use to conduct physical or cyber attacks against the United States and its population. Alternatively, China could provide DJI information to terrorist organizations, hostile non-state entities, or state-sponsored groups to coordinate attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure. The UAS capture close-up imagery and GPS information on water systems, rail systems, hazardous material storage systems, first responders’ activity, and construction of highways, bridges, and rails.”

Bollwage is willingly leveraging the safety and security of the United States in exchange for donated drones that afford him dictator-like control over the citizens that by now, likely regret electing him.

Einstein reminds us that, “Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it.”

Then struggle we must.


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