The Tree of Liberty..

Before today, the last time I was genuinely fearful for my country was in 1964. As a 5th grader being forced to shelter under my desk and face away from the windows, our teacher had us convinced that nuclear annihilation was likely. As an impressionable child, I followed the lead of that teacher, someone I trusted.

Today, I’m once again fearful for my country, but this time, the person I trust in making that analysis is me. As the lucky recipient of an old-school education that taught me how to think and not what to think, I have made my own observations and drawn my own conclusions. After living on this planet for more than 67 years, that dread I felt under my desk has resurfaced and this time, it is my own understanding and conclusions that fuel that fear.

Our country is evenly split between the two parties. Win or lose, either way, the outcome will result in mayhem and social unrest. Everyone is on edge. Trump, Biden, Barrett, Covid, masks, unemployment, riots, arson, assaults, murder, social isolation, BLM, George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, uncertainty, frustration, anger, depression, we are all being influenced by the issues of the day, while we continue in social isolation.

Jefferson warned that, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”I fear that soon after the election, that tree will either be cut-down or refreshed. Either way, the very nerve structure of the country will be tested and face assault. My level of trepidation in today’s situation is not unlike what I felt in that classroom some 56 years ago except today; I believe the threat is real.


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