Dear Mr. President:

Regarding the first debate, and moving forward, I have a suggestion that will combine doing the right thing with immediately improving your chances of being re-elected.

Mr. Biden brought up memories of his deceased son Beau, a decorated US war veteran that tragically died of brain cancer.  It was admittedly a confusing moment because you were actually focusing on his other son, Hunter.  Nevertheless, when Beau was mentioned, Mr. Biden was visibly shaken, as any father would be.

This is my suggestion to you sir.  Immediately after the next debate starts, tell the moderator that you need to make a quick statement directly to Mr. Biden and then face him and say the following:

Joe, our last meeting got a little out of hand, but there was a moment I want to revisit.  You mentioned your son Beau and I want to acknowledge him as the decorated and courageous US war veteran that he was and is.  You and your family have seen more than your share of grief and for that you have my compassionate sympathy.  I certainly meant no disrespect to your son for whom you and our country are understandably very proud.

Mr. President, I believe that if you do this it will be seen as strong positive gesture that requires a degree of humility and dignity that from which, quite frankly, the debate process moving forward would undoubtedly benefit.

Thank-you Mr. President for your leadership.  You have my full support.  Best of luck in the coming debates, best of luck in the upcoming election, and may God Almighty bless you and our great United States of America.  Godspeed.

Kind regards,


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