Post Election Thoughts, (as opposed to feelings…)

As I predicted, Biden has won, but has he?

It appears that PA is in doubt after Supreme Court Justice Alito has stepped in, demanding the sequestering of certain ballots received after Election Day deadlines.  A few other states face similar legal challenges and remember; Biden currently claims 290 electoral votes.  PA equals 20 of those votes and if by some small miracle the legal challenges made hold up, Biden losing 20 electoral votes in PA alone would put him at 270, which is the magic number.  Any other hiccups in any of the other states could cost Biden even more and the outcome could switch.

This is unlikely, considering the corruption, graft and malfeasance rampant throughout the US political systems, but it is however a glimmer of hope in what right now appears to be a bleak outcome for conservatives.

On the bright side, it appears that when you give rioters, looters, anarchists and arsons what they want, they stop rioting, looting, law-breaking and fire-bombing long enough to sing Kumbaya.  Had Trump won, you could see the smoke plumes from outer space.


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