Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the rights of individuals not groups.  The only actual group the founders envisioned was “we the people”, a collection of unique individuals.  Natural rights, human rights and constitutional rights are possessed by each of us as people.  The concept of groups created from a mass of individuals in order to coalesce a monolith upon which to bestow rights is anathema to our founding.

Exchanging the uniqueness of people for the sameness of the group is the key to controlling people completely.  Group-think overwhelms personalities and the homogenation of each soul becomes the elixir of the elite seeking to control them.

Governor Cuomo divides the state into “zones”, color-codes them according to the infection rate of Covid, and then commands residents to perform in a certain way, i.e. wear a mask, stay at home, observe a curfew, limit activity in your own home.  This is nothing more than fabricating groups to nullify the rights of the individual.  That is called tyranny. 


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