Royalty Validates Slavery

If you are one of the over 17 million people that watched Oprah interview Meghan Markel and (former) prince Harry, you might well ponder the following.

The concepts of royalty existed at the dawn of civilization and have been a part of humanity ever since.  Still today, over half a billion people live under monarchical rule.  Considering how far as we have evolved as people, (supposedly), the ancient and arcane realities of birthright superiority and monarchical oversight nevertheless remain today in no fewer than 44 sovereign states globally.   One of these, (Great Britain) holds an additional 16 commonwealth realms around the world while another, (the Vatican), is ruled singly by the pope who claims infallibility.

Remarkably, in the complete absence of anything remotely logical or morally principled, the world celebrates royalty.  Great Britain’s royal family reportedly cost the British taxpayers over $93 million last year alone.  According to, the royal family owns some $18 billion worth of real estate and has a collective net worth of about $88 billion.  The ten wealthiest royal families throughout the world control nearly $2.5 trillion in wealth.

The power of royalty is real beyond ceremonial.  For example, legislation passed by both houses of the British government does not become law until the Queen provides her Royal Assent.  The Queen can form governments, appoint Lords, create Knights and can fire the entire Australian government should she so choose.  The queen is also the head of the Church of England plus the head of state in the UK, Australia, Antigua, Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu.

And royal families world-wide lay claim to all of this and more, simply by virtue of their genealogy or plain old-fashioned force of power.  And if royalty is equal to superiority, let’s examine some history.  In 1937, Britain’s King Edward VIII was good friends with Adolph Hitler.  He eventually abdicated the throne to marry a twice-divorced American woman.  In keeping with what appears to be a family tradition, young Price Harry more recently donned Nazi garb at a costume party, was photographed playing billiards naked, and spend one entire day in rehab to learn the evils of marijuana consumption.  And finally, Prince Andrew is closely linked with disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and has traveled to his private island in the Virgin Islands, (ironic), for sex with minors.  Harry and Meghan, Charles and Diana, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, all players in the latest scandals bred from the bowels of royalty and we’re only addressing a single family.

There is a logic and moral disconnect between the concepts of freedom, fairness and merit as opposed to royalty.  In order to accept the concept of royal-ness, one needs to also accept the notion of inferiority. 

If being a royal is a higher calling, then obviously there need exist an underclass to lord over.  This ideal is antithetical to freedom and self-actualization in a free society.  Royalty can’t exist without the acceptance of the concept of slavery.  If one can accept the concepts of royalty, then one must also accept the principles of slavery as the inverse of the same method of thinking.  No one grows into royalty without the pedigree and accordingly no one can grow into freedom from slavery, if we are to apply the same thinking.

Intellectual honesty requires acknowledging that royalty and slavery are complimentary ideals.  Royalty assigns and assumes superiority by virtue of genealogy.  Slavery does the same by affixing inferiority and sub-human labels based on the genetic lottery of birth.  One is the inverse of the other.

Because both concepts are intellectually linked, neither can exist independently.  Rulers need subjects, superiors, inferiors, landlords, tenants.  Until royalty is recognized as a scourge on the human condition equivalent to slavery, neither can be eradicated until both are acknowledged for the immoral constructs they represent.

While members of the royal families and the people who follow and celebrate them don’t likely self-identify as racists, can they be anything less?  The systematic deconstruction of the concept of royalty is a requirement if we are to eradicate those ancient and archaic notions of stasis in terms of human development, achievement, freedom and self-actualization.  This seems highly unlikely as millions were glued to their televisions learning how hard it was to be swept out of trailer park in Compton and into a castle in London.

Royalty is antithetical to the healthy development of the human race and until it is vanquished and tossed upon the burn-pile of bad ideas, its evil cousin slavery will continue to exist. 


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