The Drumm Beat of Virtue Signaling

SUNY Broome President Kevin Drumm authored,  A statement of solidarity with our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Drumm inaccurately ties the Atlanta, GA shootings to Asian discrimination when Atlanta police investigators say the motive was linked to the shooters sexually addiction issues and had nothing to do with race.

President Drumm goes on to back up his myth by telling us that a Pew survey says that 60% of American’s don’t believe racism against Asian Americans has increased since the pandemic began.

It is particularly telling about Drumm’s propensity towards seeing groups instead of individuals, when he couches his statement of solidarity in the terms of not only Asians, but including Pacific Islanders.  What in God’s name to people from the various Pacific Islands have to do with this issue?

AAPI communities?  Seriously?

Drumm is pandering.  He should do his job and run the campus properly, within budget and with as little expense beyond tuition as is possible.  Make sure students get a quality education and help to prepare them for the work force.  That is his job.  He should stick to that until he has exceeded all of those goals.  Then and maybe then, he can seek the input of the Board of Trustee’s to gain permission to write opinion articles that tacitly suggest campus-wide endorsement of his own writing.

In his letter letter, he encourages anyone who has witnessed an act of bias to submit an online incident report.  I will be doing so and I will include this letter and his as evidence of that bias he artificially created by his ridiculous letter.


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