The Apology We’ll Never Get

Here is a nice apology script for all of the race-baiting antagonists that were so quick to embrace the myth of systemic racism completely unchallenged, only because it came from the mouth of an affirmative-action created B-actor that checked off all of the oppressed boxes of race and homosexuality.

All Talking Heads that jumped to conclusion about Smollett’s false assertions because it fed their implicit bias, read this the next time you’re in front of a camera:

In 2019 when we were covering the story of Jessie Smollett’s alleged attack and assault, I was quick to assert his authenticity and truthfulness before I had any fact-based information on which to base that conclusion.  By doing so, I demonstrated my implicit bias because the story played into my own version of how I see the world.  I was wrong.  I want to apologize to all of the decent White people that I smeared by implication with my rush to judgment.  My actions and those of Smollett created accusations of racism and homophobia where none existed outside of the confines of our own false narratives.

Again, I was wrong and I apologize.  Smollett is a liar, a race-baiting hate-monger and now, a convicted felon that will hopefully receive jail time.  Going forward, I will make my best effort to report the news honestly, objectively and fairly, and check my own sorted baggage of jaded thoughts before I make stupid comments and accusations that are wrong.   



The scheme to Make America Racist Again almost worked but Smollett is even a worse actor in real life.

State Attorney in Cook County Illinois Kim Foxx must have owed the Obama’s a big favor in cutting Jussie Smollett loose from all 16 of his felony indictments.  You remember, that 2nd rate actor that staged his own racial hatred ambush by a supposed pair of Trump loving, Make American Great Again white racist assailants.  Except the truth was it was actually two Nigerian brothers who were paid to make it look like Smollett was assaulted, after he sent himself a threatening letter dripping with racial animus.


Obama advisor Tina Tchen called Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx and as a result:

We’re sorry Mr. Smollett, you’re free to go, all a big mix-up, not only are you free, your record has been sealed, case closed, our bad, please accept our apologies.

Except someone forgot to clue in the Mayor of Chicago as well as the Chicago police chief.  These guys are hopping mad, insisting now that there may be a two-tiered justice system in American.  Imagine that.  Wow, stop the presses; something is amok in Chicago politics?  A dirt bag like Rahm Emanuel, (long time Obama sycophant and current Chicago mayor) is amazed and insulted!  That’s saying something.  His outrage is more likely to be the result of not being in on the scheme.


Then the Chicago police chief is so mad, he starts dumping documents on the internet, revealing much more about the case, that is until a judge slapped him with a restraining order.  Can’t have any truth leaking out.


Hard to imagine that this little stunt isn’t some sort of tit-for-tat payback for the likes of Michael Brown in Ferguson or Freddie Gray in Baltimore, notwithstanding the fact that in each of these cases, the police were not only justified but exonerated.  No, in this case, the perpetrator was and is a race-baiting self-promoting riot-monger, hell-bent on fashioning a racial hatred theme where none existed outside of his own self-loathing.

But then consider presidential candidate Kamala Harris and her ties to anti-lynching legislation, just two weeks after Smollett claims to have been assaulted and then remember Smollett’s accusations about a rope around his neck, and the Trump references, I’m smelling the creation of a narrative to help a 2nd rate actor support the candidacy of a 3rd rate contender for the presidency.

Smollett ought to join the ranks of Colin Kaepernik and OJ Simpson in being shunned into total obscurity but instead; the NAACP would like to reward him.  It seems there is a growing segment of the militant black community that can’t believe that racism is receding as fast as it is, so to compensate, they have to make some up, just to keep their hatred machine fed.  Al Sharpton showed them how, back in the 70’s when he fabricated the Tawana Brawley fiasco, again, targeting innocent people in a racist sting-set-up that never actually happened.  No one was held accountable for that either.


Those who insist that racism is a systemic issue today are correct, except that in large measure, those in the white community have long ago left those sentiments in the rear-view mirror while a significant portion of the agitated black trouble creators create racism when they can’t find it, and then throw it a lifeline to keep it from drowning.  Without the facade of racism to use as shield, miscreants fashion false accusations instead into swords based on lies.


If the racism industry slows to a crawl and threatens to disappear, what are the likes of the Al Sharpton’s, Jesse Jackson’s and Maxine Waters of the world going to do for income?

If law enforcement was able to proceed, unhampered by partisans, and in the process uncovered a scheme that tied Kamala Harris, the Obama’s, Kim Foxx and Jussie Smollett together in an effort to convince Americans that Trump’s America actually looks and feels this way, it is hard for me to imagine anything more diabolical and more anti-American than that.  This is what real hatred looks like and it is hatred of America.


Who’s the Racist?

30 days ago, Jussie Smollett was just another second-rate nameless face on a third-rate show playing a meaningless part in the make-believe land of entertainment and pop-culture.  You know the drill; good looks and camera appeal over character and talent, one’s race, alternative sexual preferences and willingness to embrace the theology of the high-priests of Hollywood, all validated as a membership card to a not-so-secret yet really special society of fellow travelers, those high-minded sycophants, hosting self-congratulatory pep rallies in order to continually validate one another.  You know, those socially aware, better than the rest of use activists that preach for profit, poach and pillage while pontificating from a high perch about how you should live your life, you know, the small lives we live, those way down below where they live theirs, such is the story of Smollett.


Not content with the Only-In-America success story that he had managed to cobble together for himself, rendering him a millionaire at 36, Smollett instead weaponizes his success in order to plunge a spear into the heart of America and Americans, falsely accusing us all of the darkest of deeds, you know, the deeds that actually exist first in the heart of Smollett, that cancer of animus that makes Smollett the hater, ironically against a society that has fostered his development into the success story he has now single-handedly managed to destroy.


And the real irony here is that America will forgive Smollett.  After the dust settles, the mantle of victimhood and a false narrative of humility will land Smollett on the TV talk circuit.  The Bishops of liberal bigotry will proclaim that even though this episode of Smollett Live didn’t actually happen, it achieved ratings to die for, and accordingly, they will parlay this out to their benefit, reminding us all that the evil they tried to push off on all of us is actually really there, in our hearts and not theirs, you know, those hearts and minds that exist so far above us that we couldn’t possibly understand, yes those minds, the ones who gave us the likes of Smollett in the first place.





Recent allegations of misconduct involving the staff at Binghamton’s East Middle school deserve serious inquiry and investigation.  The parents of four twelve year-old girls who are students at the school, stated that their daughters were each subjected to a strip search, conducted by the school nurse and the assistant principal, reportedly because the girls seemed, “giddy” during lunch, and were suspected of being under the influence.  School officials responded by saying that strip searches did not occurred but instead, the girls were asked to remove their coats in order to be properly evaluated.  According to a school statement, the girls were not punished and returned to class.

Various news sources reported that a community group called Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow, (PLOT) and the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, (NAACP), each issued statements, the NAACP local chapter President demanding the dismissal of school staff involved.

As the incident escalated in intensity, and as the wider community became aware of the allegations, the school district reportedly hired a law firm to conduct an investigation.  Shortly afterwards, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo also commented on the incident and directed the New York State Police to conduct an investigation.  Currently the story has gotten even wider attention and has been reported on nationally.


While many questions remain to be answered, there are a few that have yet to be asked, such as, why didn’t the parents immediately call the police once they learned their children were subjected to such outrageous conduct?  If the allegations are true, it is possible that criminal acts have taken place.  Once the police are involved and begin to take statements from all the parties, there are also criminal sanctions for making false statements to the police.

In addition, why did Governor Cuomo think it wise to by-pass the Binghamton Police Department and the local District Attorney’s office, instead ordering the State Police to conduct an investigation?  This action undermines and discredits local authority and by inference casts a shadow on their competence and expertise.  By disrespecting local law enforcement, the Governor has made matters worse.  Because local law agencies are more intimately familiar with the community and its members, that would have been a better choice.

Another question that has yet to be asked, is what exactly is the relationship between these parents and the two organizations that have so quickly thrust themselves into the situation?  A cursory look at the social media site of PLOT indicates an extremely militant and adversarial stance against men, capitalism and white people in general.

Under the What We Do: section of their own FaceBook page, PLOT states the following:

“This requires challenging those with privilege to acknowledge the ways they are complicit in oppression.  Some have dismissed this approach as “divisive” and “alienating”—especially to white community members—but we view it as necessary.

We seek to empower, uplift, and ultimately liberate the most marginalized members of society—including and especially those who are Black, queer, trans, disabled, cash poor, women and/or non-men.”

So clearly, these parents aren’t simply stating that their kids were mistreated; they are asserting that this was a racially motivated event.

Imagine the outrage if an organization existed that said, in its defining documents exactly what this group says, but replaced the pronouns this way:  Some have dismissed this approach as “divisive” and “alienating” — especially to black community members — but we view it as necessary.  We seek to empower, uplift and ultimately liberate the most marginalized members of society — including and especially those who are White, straight, rich, men and/or non-women.”

It is frightening that the NAACP would align themselves with a racially divisive and bigoted hate-group like PLOT.  It is also shameful that the NAACP calls for firings before any investigation has taken place.  How ironic that a storied organization, over 100 years in existence that is so quick to call out the police for jumping to conclusions regarding racial matters, in this instance, demands that authorities do exactly that by firing people before we know any of the actual facts about what took place.

If these girls were subjected to anything illegal or inappropriate, then the appropriate sanctions will be imposed upon those wrongdoers.  On the other hand, if these investigations conclude that the allegations are without merit, then those making such allegations ought to face the same legal sanctions appropriate in this case.

It is predictable that anything short of a finding that corroborates these allegations 100% will be unacceptable to, PLOT, the NAACP and the parents of these kids, especially when conducted by investigators that likely will include white “non-women.”

The bigoted and hateful sentiments expressed on the PLOT FaceBook page should disqualify that organization from being involved with any thoughtful dialogue.  If the parents of these girls are actually seeking the truth, a thorough, formal legal investigation is the place to find it, not within the shameful and bigoted rhetoric of a hate group.

Maybe this group ought to see out the services of the Jussie Smollett legal team?