Who’s the Racist?

30 days ago, Jussie Smollett was just another second-rate nameless face on a third-rate show playing a meaningless part in the make-believe land of entertainment and pop-culture.  You know the drill; good looks and camera appeal over character and talent, one’s race, alternative sexual preferences and willingness to embrace the theology of the high-priests of Hollywood, all validated as a membership card to a not-so-secret yet really special society of fellow travelers, those high-minded sycophants, hosting self-congratulatory pep rallies in order to continually validate one another.  You know, those socially aware, better than the rest of use activists that preach for profit, poach and pillage while pontificating from a high perch about how you should live your life, you know, the small lives we live, those way down below where they live theirs, such is the story of Smollett.


Not content with the Only-In-America success story that he had managed to cobble together for himself, rendering him a millionaire at 36, Smollett instead weaponizes his success in order to plunge a spear into the heart of America and Americans, falsely accusing us all of the darkest of deeds, you know, the deeds that actually exist first in the heart of Smollett, that cancer of animus that makes Smollett the hater, ironically against a society that has fostered his development into the success story he has now single-handedly managed to destroy.


And the real irony here is that America will forgive Smollett.  After the dust settles, the mantle of victimhood and a false narrative of humility will land Smollett on the TV talk circuit.  The Bishops of liberal bigotry will proclaim that even though this episode of Smollett Live didn’t actually happen, it achieved ratings to die for, and accordingly, they will parlay this out to their benefit, reminding us all that the evil they tried to push off on all of us is actually really there, in our hearts and not theirs, you know, those hearts and minds that exist so far above us that we couldn’t possibly understand, yes those minds, the ones who gave us the likes of Smollett in the first place.




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