John Lewis, Poster Boy for the Politically Correct


john-lewis-1The recent comments of Democratic Congressman John Lewis of Georgia declaring President-elect Donald Trump to be an “illegitimate President” perfectly demonstrates the tools of political correctness and censorship when used as weapons.  By threatening the branding iron of racist, and promising demonization and marginalization should one dare to have the temerity to challenge Lewis, liberals believe they have won the day by emboldening their weaker comrades while silencing the critics.


Taking a line from Trump himself:  WRONG!


Lewis is an illegitimate Congressman, a one-trick pony, courtesy of the civil rights movement.  He and others courageously staged their marches, sit-ins and other events in order to advance the concept of equality and for these acts of bravery they should be properly venerated, understood and appreciated.  Lewis was bloodied,  beaten and mistreated during those times, however those facts do not qualify him for high office or exempt him from criticism.  Quite the contrary, those repeated blows to the head in Selma 54 years ago might better have been a disqualifier to wiser voters.  No one should make elected office a career, especially offensive when Lewis, after 77 years on the planet and 30 years as a Congressman, has never held a private sector job in his life.  Armed with a BS in Religion and Philosophy from Fisk University, he is qualified for painfully little.  Had Lewis sat out Selma, he would have been bagging groceries at Piggly-Wiggly.


Lewis has marketed his early life in the civil rights movement into a political suit of armor in deflecting, defeating and delegitimizing his critics.  Even when proven a liar for alleging that Tea Party members used racial slurs against him, Lewis the Legend survived.  The Congressman might have taken a page for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s book that describes why Thomas majored in English as an undergraduate at Holy Cross.  Thomas, who also grew up in the deep south said, for him, majoring in English was, “like majoring in a second language.”  One thing literature had taught him was the value of clear communication.  Thomas said, “The court’s opinions should not be incomprehensible.”  In contrast, listening to Lewis speak is to get a quick lesson in Ebonics.  A sitting United State Congressman ought to have at least a basic command of the English language yet Lewis in incomprehensible.  How does one graduate from college and yet be barely understandable when speaking?  Lewis not only sounds like an uneducated street thug, he reads from a script clearly produced by others.  He is given a free pass because of his history and it’s about time he was called out on being a race pimp in a threadbare, empty suite, circa 1963.


John Lewis, Jim Brady and Gabby Gifford’s all serve the same thematic purpose to the Temple-Masters of the Politically Correct; optics over substance, feelings over reason and intention over outcomes, ceremonial hood ornaments adorning the political vehicle of the moment.


So Congressman Lewis, you go ahead and sit-out this inauguration.  Why don’t you and your courageous colleagues do what you did the last time you called for a temper-tantrum and have a sit-in on the house floor?  So much for the strength of Democrats convictions.  Back in June, 2016, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Lewis at the gun-control sit-in and promised that they would continue, “until hell freezes over.”  24 hours later the pity-party was over and the babies went home, after their photo-ops ran out of political value.


Hard to fathom that Lewis sees “illegitimacy” where it doesn’t exist but is clueless to the fact that his own Democratic party uses him as their lucky token, Congresses version of the family drunk uncle everyone pretends to like at Thanksgiving and laughs about the rest of the year.


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