The First Full Week



It’s so much fun to watch, the big government experts, expats, fresh off  careers courtesy of that big and bloated government, fat with pensions, living in socialist society abroad, chirping loudly against Trump; a simple request, ala Steve Bannon:  SHUT UP, you lost.  Time to sit back and let the adults straighten this cesspool up.  The society in which you worked your whole life and never made better is getting a much-needed makeover.  You’re welcome, stay offshore.


It’s so much fun to watch the snow flakes, crying, ranting, raving, frantically looking for their safe spaces, cuddle dogs, rescue toys, dildos, pacifiers, stuffed animals, rallying annoyingly against Trump;  a simple request, ala all the adults:  SHUT UP, you lost.  Don’t worry, we’ll make it better in spite of your ignorance and you’ll benefit as well.  You’re welcome cupcakes.


It’s so much fun to watch the main stream media, struggle with their relevance as they are outed for the scoundrels they have always been, benders of the truth, protectors of the propaganda, out and out liars in many cases, continuing to lie about Trump; a simple request, courtesy of all frustrated Americans:  SHUT UP, you not only lost the election, you lost whatever slim measure of credibility you had left with those fellow travelers of the twisted news you portray.  Good-bye and good riddance.


In addition, a special kind of “up yours” to those 10% of counties who voted for Hillary thinking that simply winning the popular vote would do it.  You were out-smarted by those who understand the Electoral College.  Thank God for the wisdom of our founders in anticipating that the tyranny of the majority might overwhelm the wide-open spaces that make this great country tick.  It is especially gratifying to see your wide-mouthed amazement when the dust settled on the Hillary campaign and reality set in.  The condescension of big city liberals has always been a grin worth slapping off of their artificially whitened smiles.  Cry into your 8 dollar lattes over a copy of the New York Times.


Here is the new reality.  Political correctness is dead.  You’re feeling don’t matter a wit.  It is the truth that matters.  If that somehow affects your “feelings”, tough shit, adjust your feelings buttercup.  Today’s world will be defined by what is logical, makes sense, is thoughtful, practical, doable, not merely by the intentions of the actors.  It matters not a bit what your intentions were if you fail.  Failure is still failure in a thinking person’s world.  And today going forward, we will be thinking, reasoning, debating, discussing, and refining ideas, not singing Kumbaya around an imaginary campfire.  Reality awaits us.  You can awaken and join the conversation, or you can sulk, despair and linger in your safe spaces.  Good luck with that because we’re just getting warmed up.


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