Abortion is to the 21st century what slavery was to the 19th., hopefully without a civil war.  With President Trump and the appropriately aligned Supreme Court, this stage 4 cancer on the American soul can be cured.


We can only ponder what else died with the 58 million American lives abortion has extinguished; cures to all diseases, a President, the greatest thinker of all times, inventors, poets, popes and paupers, all gone, we’ll never know.  And what about the poor mom’s with their scarred souls, in many cases lied to, forced into clinics, unwarned about the aftermath, kept ignorant of adoptive options, spiritual help and the grace of God.


The experience seers the soul of the woman and her family while extinguishing a life in this world, but souls survive the worldly, returning to their maker for an accounting.


When the biblical prophet Jeremiah questioned God about why he was chosen, God said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”  A few years ago, the letters WWJD suddenly appeared throughout pop culture, meaning, What Would Jesus Do?


Dare we ask what the Creator of life thinks about man extinguishing it?  Dare we stand for that accounting?





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