Breeding Maniacs

From our nations founding until today, societal attitudes regarding firearms have transformed from commonplace and acceptable to anti-social and heretical.  The 1960’s public schools had rifle clubs and shooting galleries.  In rural America, it was common for kids to bring their shotguns or rifles onto the school bus, take them into school, stow them in their lockers and go hunting after class.

Until about the end of the 20th century, mass shootings were virtually non-existent.  With unfettered access to guns, schools, government buildings, churches, restaurants and other public spaces, people in the 60’s and before were not committing massacres.

Perfectly sane, legal gun-owners yesterday and today, are not the problem.  While recent gun ownership has skyrocketed, homicide rates continue to fall.

Societal changes represent the problem.  What has changed is the proliferation of maniacs, sociopaths and the criminally evil amongst us.  There are more evildoers today than there were 50 years ago.  Family breakdown is the problem and governmental policy is to blame with a welfare state that encourages it.

Traditional nuclear families domesticate young men and without that structure, maniacs proliferate.  While waiting for the Utopian world, we must harden soft targets with armed, honorable men with guns.


One thought on “Breeding Maniacs

  1. Dennis Hannon says:

    Well said and right on target. Family breakdown, the ever increasing welfare State and the fact that we have become a “Nation of Strangers” goes to the root of this violence.


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