Child Abuse

Assigning authority to schoolchildren in defining a nation’s firearms policy is as idiotic as elevating movie stars to voices of wisdom when neither have any subject-matter expertise.  Exploiting traumatized teenagers into a nationally televised spectacle was nothing more than a hate-fest orchestrated by CNN to further their own rabidly anti-gun agenda; shameful using kids to humanize their deplorable fake-news track record.   The Left foments emotion to overcome thoughtfulness and logic because in the arena of ideas, they are clueless, underwhelming and woefully unarmed.

The Wall Street Journal reported that since 1990, a total of 150 people lost their lives in school shootings in the US.  This means students are statistically 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than from a bullet.  During that same 28-year period, approximately 2.5 million teens were killed in auto accidents.  100,000 kids will die in car crashes this year.  The Center for Disease Control, (CDC), reports that today, texting while driving is the leading cause of teen deaths.

There are over 50 million students in 100,000 school districts in the US and today, not one was shot.  However, 32 of those students will die today, and another 32 tomorrow, and another 32 every day in auto crashes, the overwhelming majority of which are the result of distracted driving.  In an average school week, more of these kids will die in car crashes, than the sum total of all school shootings since 1990.  These deaths will be just as awful for those left behind as were the murders in mass shootings, but these everyday deaths get no notice from a nation overwhelmed with information and tragedy.

Kids do have the specific subject-matter expertise to address this issue.  Their efforts to organize and march to influence their peers to behave responsibly while driving would have a far greater impact on saving lives, instead of being unwittingly used by the Left to be reactionary and symbolic in advancing their agenda.

While these kids are quick to call on their government to “do something”, the facts tell us that it is government itself that has failed those kids and by extension all of us.  The government failed to place the Texas church killer into the background database that would have prevented him from having weapons.  The government failed to address the multitude of instances that the Florida shooter could have been detained.  Government seldom shows us quality by example.

School shootings are preventable.  Celebrating political correctness by proudly proclaiming ones school to be within the so-called “Gun Free Zone” is an attractive  invitation for cowardly maniacs to become tantalized with the thoughts of killing.  Unarmed, soft-targets in a confined space offer the killer opportunity with little resistance.

With no indication that society anytime soon will become softer, it is wise that we move quickly to become harder.  Hardening our softest targets should be our immediate priority.  Deadly force is deterred with the certainty of a deadly response.  The uncertainty of who might be armed in a school deters a coward.

I wish the social scientists the best in addressing the underlying causes of our societal failings, but in the mean time, the reality of the situation is that these are the times in which we live.  We can hope that somehow, things change or at least don’t get worse, but we can also, simultaneously harden ourselves and our surroundings knowing that in a violent and uncertain world we must protect ourselves and our children.


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