Nero Fiddled, Kids Color

The elite American Left is finally waking to the fact that not only is the world a dangerous place, but increasingly, so is the United States.  While the radical academically liberal campuses are incubating entitled snowflakes, coloring in their “safe spaces” after a rigorous class in gender studies, the world must seem perfectly formed in their image.  But that is not the world in which most Americans live.


The Left creates public service announcements about bullying, drugs, guns and child abuse, feeling the effort alone is the solution.  Instead, their cavalier attitude actually encourages these things by trivializing the complexity of real solutions.  Victims are the secret sauce to sustain purpose for progressives.  Profiting from victimhood is the primary reason liberalism exists.

Tragically, victimhood requires the individual’s capitulation of self-worth, confidence and personal accountability.  Accepting victim status is to secede from participating in the greatest arena designed for personal success ever conceived by mankind; the United State of America.  The greatness of America can only mean that victimhood is a choice.  While millions have risked life and limb to not only come here, but to also defend our freedom and our shores with their very lives, how can those already a part of the greatest nation on Earth claim helplessness when so many resources are available?  The Left has led them to a pasture where the grass looked greener from a distance and no one noticed the fence and the gate that closed behind them.

School shootings have exposed the soft underbelly of the world the Left has created.  Those who conceptualized “Gun Free Zones” are as bloodily culpable as those who believed them.

God, guns and goodness have been tossed out of our schools and along with it common sense.  Societal failings have decimated families with welfare programs that reward single parent households over intact, traditional nuclear families where fathers domesticate boys into men.  Without such guidance, look at these mass shooters and tell me which ones had dads in their lives.

Evil propagates in a godless society.  You can’t reject God and expect that the evil that is always at odds with Godliness won’t manifest itself.  The struggle for all of mankind is that between Goodness and Evil.  That struggle happens internally for all of us within our hearts.  That same struggle, with the same evil, also exists and needs to be addressed in our external lives, our relationships, our governance, our policies, our nation’s very foundation built on goodness, virtue and God.


President Lincoln guided us through a civil war.  His words can guide us today, if we only heed them.

“Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust, in the best way, all our present difficulty”.

Those with a coloring book collection would find no safe space in the world of Lincoln, and they’ll find no such space in today’s or tomorrow’s world without God and good men with guns.




One thought on “Nero Fiddled, Kids Color

  1. Dennis Hannon says:

    Good men with guns-yes. A quote from Edmund Burke. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.


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