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Leonard Pitts is a black, syndicated columnist whose work appears in newspapers across the country.  Mr. Pitts sees nothing but racism around every corner.  He is constantly making excuses and in large measure I ignore his rants, but several days ago, he went off on why white people are responsible for everything evil.  I sent him a copy of my Starbucks article, along with this letter which I share here:

Mr. Pitts:

Attached is my take on the Philadelphia Starbucks incident.  We surely see the world from differing perspectives.

I’m wondering, from your writings, do you ever see a moment in time, or any situation, where the black man has or takes any responsibility for his actions?  If you do, you never articulate that point, but more often find others to blame for what actually is in large measure a failed society in many ways.

Irresponsible fathers, families never formed yet children born into situations where no good role models are present is the norm in a large part of the black community.  Ironically, when those in the black community do attain success, they are mocked and ridiculed as Uncle Tom’s, especially when their success is attained traditionally and not through sports, entertainment or the thug lifestyle.  When your community celebrates the likes of Marion Berry, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, JayZ and the thug lifestyle in general while shunning Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Walter Williams, Colin Powell and Thomas Soule, obviously there is a problem.

Facts are stubborn things Mr. Pitts.  How do you explain 1st generation Vietnamese, Laotians, Chinese, Cambodians, et. al. coming here from foreign lands without knowing the language or culture and finding success?  The black community in the US is in large measure a failed society in spite of the opportunities laid out before them.

It’s about time the rest of society was strong enough to resist the PC pushback and simply state the obvious.  The black community’s failings are a result of their own lack of effort and their refusal to assimilate.  Quit blaming others for your own shortcomings.




One thought on “The Pitts

  1. deannye says:

    Great piece and needs to be shouted from the highest peaks. Pitts is exactly as you have stated. I cant read him without getting agitated. Thanks for sharing. Dean

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