The Charade of Mass Incarceration

One needs to be very careful before accepting a premise as truth, especially when that premise is coming from far left field.  Add “mass incarceration” to the latest list of phrases invented in the effort to deceive.



Radical liberals love to invoke the likeness of Nazi’s on those who oppose them.  Obviously, the term mass incarceration suggests images of German soldiers herding Jews into boxcars, a shameful shock tactic that is not accidental, but used to displace your logic and replace it with emotion.  Leftists use the same tactic in labeling man-made climate change skeptics as “deniers”, again, attempting to equate challengers with holocaust deniers.  These despicable tactics alone should be enough to awaken even the deepest sleeper in suspecting the quality of the argument.  A sure sign is when logic and reason aren’t adequate to make the case.  Being jolted, literally, out of ones mind and into the irrational state of raw emotional reaction is the tactic, even to the point of equating black imprisonment with slavery.

Mass incarceration is nothing of the sort, but actually the legal system not succumbing to the politically correct theorem of the equality of outcomes.  This is how the left’s theory works, (and also illustrates why it needs emotion absent logic.)  Like Joe Biden famously said, “We’ll take facts over truth.”

Because blacks in America represent approximately 13 percent of the total population but occupy about 40 percent of the country’s jail cells, to the radical left, this is de-facto proof of racism.  If we are to accept this theorem as fact, then it must also follow that blacks and whites commit crimes in the same proportion.  If you however reject this supposition, then according to the radical left, you are the racist.

One glaring problem with this leftist theory is that it requires you to accept that the legal system must be, in its entirety, racist from bottom to top, street cops to the Supreme Court.  That can be the only plausible explanation because if whites and blacks are equally disposed to committing crime, the only way that blacks could outnumber whites in prison is by way of false accusations, false arrests, unfair trials, racist juries, dirty lawyers and uncaring and corrupt judges.

If you reject the notion of a totally corrupt legal system, then you’re left with some disturbingly glaring facts.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, (BJS), black males are more than 5-times as likely to end up in jail as their white counterparts.  Rejecting the emotionally based premise of blatant and widespread racism leaves rational people with the stark and perhaps uncomfortable reality that blacks commit more crimes than whites do.

The NBA player roster is 74% black.  If you embrace the theory that blacks out numbering white in prison is proof of racism, then the NBA has that same problem in reverse.  How does the radical left explain this juxtaposition?  They don’t because they can’t.



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